Friday, January 30, 2009

W stands for Woops

Woops, didn't prevent 9/11. Woops, didn't get Bin Ladin. Woops, didn't prevent 1000 Katrine deaths. Woops, no WMDs. Woops, 4000+ soldier deaths. Woops, 500,000+ iraqi deaths. Woops, financial meltdown. Woops, should NEVER have been president.

I am writing this because W said in his last interview, "I wasn't prepared for war." That's like saying, "Woops, I wasn't prepare to be president." W acted like being president was just another job, with weekends off. Cheney even allowed W to have elementary school duty, on 9/11, so there wouldn't be any mistakes on W's part that day (WTC7 = inside job).

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