Monday, March 16, 2009

Energy Cost of Bottled Water

Summary of the March 6, 2009 Science Magazine podcast:

200 billion liters of bottled water consumed worldwide in 2007
33 billion liters of bottled water consumed in the U.S. (1/6th of the world, yet our tap water is clean).
The 200 billion liters required 50 million barrels of oil to make, bottle, transport, cool, dispose, etc.
Essentially, when you drink bottled water, it might as well be 1/4 filled with oil.
Recycling of the empty bottles only helps reduce trash, as they are mainly used for other purposes like making carpets.

A Pur or Brita water filter on the faucet works well for removing chemicals and unpleasant taste. A reusable aluminum, stainless steel, or Nalgene water bottle works for carrying water. If you consume some bottled water, try reusing the bottle by refilling it with filtered tap water. Because the U.S. uses over 25% of the world's energy, we are the biggest wasters of energy, and we need to learn to save in EVERY way possible.

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