Monday, May 31, 2010

A Plan for Funding Universal Heathcare

US Health Care, Universal Stratified Health Care, USHC

Average and well off individuals do not like long waits for healthcare. Care is stratified according to the Group and the Yearly Fee.
Group A, $1 million, Group AB hospitals, Group A doctors, no delays
Group B $100 thousand, Group AB hospitals, Group AB doctors, short delays
Group C $10 thousand, Group CD hospitals, Group C doctors, short delays
Group D $1 thousand, Group CD hospitals, Group CD doctors, medium delays, generic meds
Group E $100, Group E hospitals, Group E doctors, longer delays, generic meds
Group F, no coverage

People pay in advance according to the group that they sign-up for. People who don't pay on time are dropped a group level.
Not that many Group AB hospitals. Mostly CD hospitals. Many Group E small hospitals which are adequately funded.
Group E doctors are new doctors and they get 25% off their college loans every year they work at a Group E hospital (4 years and their loan is paid off) or 10% off if they work at Group CD hospitals. Higher the doctors group rating, higher the pay. An actuary could calculate all of the details.
If needed, could offer Group A+, $5 million, highest priority, unlimited Group A care.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wall Street and Neo-cons are Pirates

In order to understand what Wall Street and Neo-cons did to our economy and the world, it is easiest to realize that they are essentially modern-day pirates in tailored suits.

Pirates are greedy. No amount of wealth is enough. For many, rich is making $1 million a year, which is equivalent to a $500/hr job. But Wall Street views rich as a billionaire, which is obscenely greedy, because $1 billion is like having a job which pays $500,000/hr. A billionaire could spend $20 million every year, for 50 years, and still have money left.

Pirates make plans to profit off of any weakness or opportunity. Wall Street lobbyists push deregulation and weak enforcement in order to create weaknesses, which Wall Street exploits as opportunities to rake in tens of millions or billions.

Pirates rake in more money than they can ever use, so they bury it on islands hidden with treasure maps. Modern pirates rake in more money than they can ever use, so they bury it in numbered Swiss bank accounts hidden with secret passwords.

Pirates are running Wall Street and our government, which means the rest of us are the peasants. When pirates pillage a town and steal the money, the peasants are the ones who pay w/ more taxes, get less services, and feel greater pain. That is the story of 2000 to now.... at least until the peasants decide to fight the pirates and battle the greedy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Corporations are like (human controlled) robots

Saying that "a corporation is like a person" is like saying "a robot is like a person". Just like a corporation can have people actually running it; a robot can have people actually running it. Corporations are like robots created to make/sell something and produce profits. Corporation are "born, live and die" the same as a robot is "born/created, lives/operational, and dies/decommissioned". When a robot is treated like a person, that is when we should treat a corporation like a person... another words, never.