Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wall Street and Neo-cons are Pirates

In order to understand what Wall Street and Neo-cons did to our economy and the world, it is easiest to realize that they are essentially modern-day pirates in tailored suits.

Pirates are greedy. No amount of wealth is enough. For many, rich is making $1 million a year, which is equivalent to a $500/hr job. But Wall Street views rich as a billionaire, which is obscenely greedy, because $1 billion is like having a job which pays $500,000/hr. A billionaire could spend $20 million every year, for 50 years, and still have money left.

Pirates make plans to profit off of any weakness or opportunity. Wall Street lobbyists push deregulation and weak enforcement in order to create weaknesses, which Wall Street exploits as opportunities to rake in tens of millions or billions.

Pirates rake in more money than they can ever use, so they bury it on islands hidden with treasure maps. Modern pirates rake in more money than they can ever use, so they bury it in numbered Swiss bank accounts hidden with secret passwords.

Pirates are running Wall Street and our government, which means the rest of us are the peasants. When pirates pillage a town and steal the money, the peasants are the ones who pay w/ more taxes, get less services, and feel greater pain. That is the story of 2000 to now.... at least until the peasants decide to fight the pirates and battle the greedy.


TM said...

Chris Hedge's recently wrote about the death of liberalism. Suddenly realized that the most effective way to kill liberalism is "no money". That is what Obama is having to do... make cuts everywhere. So periodic bubble-bursts are a win-win for conservative pirates.. steal the money and reduce liberalism.

Seems humorous that the greedy pirates raid the economy, then force the peasants to live w/ less. Liberals are less able to help the peasants, because the coffers are empty. What can liberals do when there is "no money"?

The other humorous part is that the majority of Wall Street and the neo-cons don't even realize that they are pirates... or they deny it... saying that they are just good businessmen. It is much easier to blame liberals or entitlements. Yet deep down Wall Street realizes the system is broken and we are heading towards disaster. Proof that the system is broken... the large number of billionaires.

BTW... pirates try to keep more than $1million a year and good businessman are willing to give anything over $1million to help our nation and the world. $1million a year is the same as raking in $500/hr.

TM said...

In Egypt, Mubarik has been in charge a long time, which means he should leave. But, will a military dictatorship follow? (Note: The Egyptian Vice-President is the Chief of Military Intelligence AND the military is not quashing the protests)

The strange part is, what can Obama or Clinton do? It is really the people of Egypt and the nations in the area that must prevent another dictatorship.

Damn... the surrounding nations are all a bunch of dictatorships/kingdoms too. Man, do we ever live in a house (world) of cards. Guess that is what the world is like when pirates run everything (the peasants will revolt when given the right circumstances).

TM said...

Since "democracy" seems to be just a less-autocratic form of piracy.... Is it possible to truly limit piracy?
It seems that greed is what leads to corruption, whether a dictatorship or democracy/republic.

Is it possible to truly limit/prevent greed (leaders from raking in more than $1million a year)?
If Mubarik left and Suleiman took over, if Suleiman was limited to $1million a year, he would probably be a decent leader because all of the multi-million$ bribes would be eliminated. But bribes are how the pirates get their way, and leaders are all too willing to participate in obscene greed ($1billion for any person is obscene).

TM said...

Was thinking about the tea party and the republican south and pirates and realized:
What did historic pirates do? Promote slavery and trade in high profit items like alcohol, tobacco and cotton.
What did the old south do (and still do)? Promote (economic) slavery and trade in high profit items like alcohol, tobacco and cotton.
So the south is still the location of ingrained, pirate culture... and they don't even realize it. Southerners will deny that they are pirates, which is partly true. Most southern conservatives are pirate wanna-bes, wanting to become rich doing as little as possible. They are pirate wanna-bes because actual pirates rake in more than a million$ a year. None-the-less, they act like pirates, not caring about the overall effects of their self-centered actions.

TM said...

What Wisconsin's Gov. Walker is doing is carrying out the policies that pirates expect after the treasuries are raided... that is, make the peasants pay and get less services as a result of what the pirates took. Walker is showing that he can ram through those policies that the pirates demand, in order for them to be able to return in the coming years and raid again. Outlawing collective bargaining is essentially taking money away from the peasants and giving it to corporate pirates.

By attacking labor unions, Walker is blaming the peasants for the fiscal crisis, when Wall Street piracy was the true cause. Walker and neo-con pundits attack teachers, when 60% or more goes for police and fire (who must not understand the attack... think privatization).