Monday, May 31, 2010

A Plan for Funding Universal Heathcare

US Health Care, Universal Stratified Health Care, USHC

Average and well off individuals do not like long waits for healthcare. Care is stratified according to the Group and the Yearly Fee.
Group A, $1 million, Group AB hospitals, Group A doctors, no delays
Group B $100 thousand, Group AB hospitals, Group AB doctors, short delays
Group C $10 thousand, Group CD hospitals, Group C doctors, short delays
Group D $1 thousand, Group CD hospitals, Group CD doctors, medium delays, generic meds
Group E $100, Group E hospitals, Group E doctors, longer delays, generic meds
Group F, no coverage

People pay in advance according to the group that they sign-up for. People who don't pay on time are dropped a group level.
Not that many Group AB hospitals. Mostly CD hospitals. Many Group E small hospitals which are adequately funded.
Group E doctors are new doctors and they get 25% off their college loans every year they work at a Group E hospital (4 years and their loan is paid off) or 10% off if they work at Group CD hospitals. Higher the doctors group rating, higher the pay. An actuary could calculate all of the details.
If needed, could offer Group A+, $5 million, highest priority, unlimited Group A care.

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TM said...

"The federal government could encourage more doctors to go into neglected subspecialties by forgiving some portion of their debts."

This comes from an NY Times Op-ed which talks about the shortage of pediatric subspecialist and how we can help solve the growing problem.

Raising Doctors to Treat Children