Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Supreme Court Begins Class Warfare

The recent Supreme Court decision, allowing unlimited corporate spending towards political races, opens a new front in the attack on democracy. That new front is class warfare, pitting the rich (corporations) against the poor (masses).

If rich is over $1 million a year, then middle-class would be between $1 million to $500 thousand, and poor would be the bottom half, which is less than $500 thousand a year. Poor can be subdivided into the comfortable poor making $50,000 - $500,000 a year and the uncomfortable poor making less than $50,000. Since 99% of the public makes less than $500,000 a year, you will understand my use of the term, masses. It is propaganda to say we have a large middle class, because it is only 1% of the public who make between $1 million to $500 thousand a year. If rich is what what the top get, that would be multi-million dollars a year, further increasing the divide between the masses.

Since corporations commonly make over $1 million a year, they would be classified as rich. In this way, the Supreme Court ruling is allowing the rich to have more say, a louder voice, in the political debate. It is hypocrisy and an injustice to infer that the rich can donate an unlimited amount while ignoring that the poor struggle to pay their bills.

Freedom isn't Free, as long as the rich have a bigger voice in politics and government. The Supreme Court fired the first shot in the Class War. If not opposed and corrected, it will be a shot into the heart of the Constitution.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Small-Minded Masses

Recently watched Bill Moyers Journal with guest Thomas Frank (Wall Street Journal). Here's a summary: Will Rogers once said, "The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office." But as Democrats face what many believe will be a tough mid-term election, historian Thomas Frank argues that it might just be the other way around for incumbent Democrats. The Republican Party, which lost Congress and the White House in the last four years, may be poised for a comeback. A comeback Frank believes is only possible because Americans have forgotten what their country looked like under conservative rule, "That's the disease of our time...that sort of instant forgetting."

Started thinking about how the public has forgotten about the major disasters that occurred under neo-con rule under Bush/Cheney. Because the masses are so small-minded, they forget about what happened from 2000 - 2008, so propagandist can replace memories with false memories. That is why neo-con propaganda is so damn effective... the masses are so damned small-minded. That is why the southern conservatives are such a force to reckon with; small minds that are easily manipulated. Even Massachusetts has forgotten who caused the recent U.S. disasters. Small-minded people have difficulty thinking for themselves, so the propagandist tell them what to think.

The above explains why money is such a factor in politics.... the media is such a powerful way to influence what people think. Many intelligent liberals don't understand how small-minded the masses are, because they think humans are basically intelligent. The reality is, the masses have brains like shot glasses. Neo-cons understand how little humans comprehend, so they simply use (corporate) billions to "manufacture consent" via media propaganda. That is why Obama is the first president since Kennedy, who shows his intelligence and still got elected. The public has been trained to be suspicious of (northern) intellectuals. Small-minded people's brains just cannot hold big thoughts.
This explains why the public doesn't stay outraged with all of the corporate criminals and the ideological Republicons. All it takes is a year or two, and the small-minded masses forget. Hitler realized this, which is why the Nazis gambled on death camps. If Germany would have won the war, Germans would simply forget about any crimes. Turkey, by continuing to deny the Armenian holocaust, is gambling that the world will forget. The world has basically forgotten about slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. The small-minded masses simply cannot remember that many things.

Neo-cons want the masses to have small minds, so that they can continue to "manufacture consent". The flaw to the neo-con plan is that corporations do not act for the good of the country or world. Consequently, resources are diminishing, pollution is increasing, and many countries (i.e. China) are going to overtake us because they are thinking more intelligently and keeping the longterm in mind.