Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Supreme Court Begins Class Warfare

The recent Supreme Court decision, allowing unlimited corporate spending towards political races, opens a new front in the attack on democracy. That new front is class warfare, pitting the rich (corporations) against the poor (masses).

If rich is over $1 million a year, then middle-class would be between $1 million to $500 thousand, and poor would be the bottom half, which is less than $500 thousand a year. Poor can be subdivided into the comfortable poor making $50,000 - $500,000 a year and the uncomfortable poor making less than $50,000. Since 99% of the public makes less than $500,000 a year, you will understand my use of the term, masses. It is propaganda to say we have a large middle class, because it is only 1% of the public who make between $1 million to $500 thousand a year. If rich is what what the top get, that would be multi-million dollars a year, further increasing the divide between the masses.

Since corporations commonly make over $1 million a year, they would be classified as rich. In this way, the Supreme Court ruling is allowing the rich to have more say, a louder voice, in the political debate. It is hypocrisy and an injustice to infer that the rich can donate an unlimited amount while ignoring that the poor struggle to pay their bills.

Freedom isn't Free, as long as the rich have a bigger voice in politics and government. The Supreme Court fired the first shot in the Class War. If not opposed and corrected, it will be a shot into the heart of the Constitution.

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