Friday, November 14, 2008

The Price of Climate Change

A recent article in the LA Times titled, "Climate change may carry huge price tag for California" puts a monetary price on global warming: "About $2.5 trillion of real estate assets in California are at risk from extreme weather events, sea level rise and wildfires, with a projected annual price tag of between $300 million and $3.9 billion, according to a new report".
"Our report makes clear the most expensive thing we can do about climate change is nothing," Roland-Holst said. But he adds, "This is not a Doomsday report . . . . If we make the right investments, we can avert much of the damage in any scenario."

When reading the above, please keep in mind that is only the cost for California and that is an annual cost, meaning that it never goes away until global warming is reversed. Acting quickly could potentially reduce the cost ten-fold. Also remember that our quality of life (food, water, the environment) will be diminished as a result of continued global warming. Paying now to reduce global warming is less expensive than the price and consequences of not acting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Top Ten Reasons "Palin is Bush"

#10 What's the difference between Palin and Bush.... lipstick.

#9 Palin and Bush were both governors of big oil producing states with strong ties to the oil industry.

#8 Palin and Bush are just plain likable: the soccer mom and the boy scout sheriff. Sarah winks and W grins like a puppy dog.

#7 Palin and Bush are both extremely loyal, so they reward supporters by putting them in positions that they are unqualified for.

#6 Palin and Bush are good at reading speeches prepared by professional speech-writers. They are just actors reading other people's words, and the gullible buy it.

#5 Palin and Bush know so little that they show their ignorance when they say what they really think.

#4 Palin and Bush both have egos so big that they think that they can do anything and don't even realize that they are unqualified to be President of the United States.

#3 Palin and Bush are two decent humans who ascended to positions of leadership that were beyond their capabilities, so they ended up descending into bigger and bigger disasters.

#2 Palin and Bush are just puppets of the neo-cons. Their lack of intellect makes it easy for neo-cons to advise/manage/control them.

#1 The same people who like Palin also liked Bush enough to vote for him twice.