Thursday, October 15, 2009

12/18 is the next 9/11

12/18 is the final day of the UN Copenhagen Climate Conference, and what is announced that day will determine if humans are intelligent enough to work together to prevent global devastation caused by out-of-control global warming.

3000 people died on 9/11 and $billions were lost. Without a strong and binding agreement to reduce CO2 to 350ppm, global average temperatures will rise above 2 degrees C. Once that occurs, we may enter a feedback loop, where melting arctic tundra releases methane, taking global warming beyond human control, resulting in disasters that are a thousand times worse than 9/11. Out-of-control global warming will lead to billions dying and $trillions lost.

12/18 is the next 9/11. It is that serious and you are being forewarned.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes are piling up all over the world and here is an idea which might just get a lot of them washed. Let me say in advance that this is not a perfect idea but it might just help.

The idea is that everyone in a household has their own place set (dinner plate, bowl, salad plate, cup, and glass). Everyone's place set is identifiable (i.e. college students can bring a place set from home or buy a set at a thrift store). When people eat something, they are to use their own place set, not other people's. If they don't wash their dishes, it become blatantly obvious. A nearby sign reminding people to "Please immediately wash your own dishes" might help. If you have bugs, draw those bugs on the sign too.

In some cases, it might work out to get two place sets, instead of one. This would help when visitors come over, and some abusers might prefer having a backup set. Although this idea doesn't address the dirty pots and pans issue, those items might just get washed, along with someone's dishes. The cost of soap and sponges would need to be shared. Microwaving a damp sponge for a minute will sterilize it. A drop or two of chlorine on a damp sponge will do the same but will leave a chlorine odor. Water is precious, so please try to conserve water. A plastic bowl with soapy water and a sponge might help prevent water from being wasted.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Waterboard Cheney

Cheney has caused multiple disasters over the past eight years, and he continues to mislead the public with his speeches.

For simplicity, there are basically two types of waterboarding: minimal stress and maximum stress. Whenever Cheney or any other misleader says that waterboarding is not torture, they portrait it as the minimal type. If they say they are willing to prove it isn't torture by undergoing waterboarding, they are talking about the minimal stress type. Basically, they are correct.... minimal stress waterboarding is not torture.... just a highly stressful experience that few would like to repeat.

But maximum stress waterboarding is torture. Anyone who says it is NOT torture should undergo this scenario; they are to be waterboarded until they admit to actual crimes that they have committed. Another words, they waive their Fifth Amendment rights and undergo waterboarding until they admit to actual crimes that they are guilty of committing. Admitting to fake crimes will not make the waterboarding stop. 

The above should clarify why Cheney is, and has been, one disaster after another. If Cheney keeps denying that waterboarding is torture, he should undergo it until he admits to being a party to the 9/11 attacks. Most people seem to forget that Cheney put himself in charge that day, sending W on elementary school duty that morning. Let's waterboard Cheney, so we can find out about all of the crimes he has committed. We don't need a Truth Commission, just waterboard Cheney if he says that it is the right way to protect our nation.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Great Disaster of 2050

Currently, we are experiencing the "Perfect Storm" trifecta disasters of the meltdown of the housing, stock, and financial markets. All of these bubbles that burst in 2008 were predictable and preventable, yet ignorance and greed allowed them to turn into a global disaster.

In 2050, we will experience "The Great Disaster", which is also predicable and preventable:
1. Global Warming is likely to raise global temperatures by 2-8 degrees fahrenheit, sea levels will rise 1-5 feet, 150 million people (in coastal cities and countries) will become refugees, more severe weather (droughts, flooding, hurricanes).
2. Population increase to 9 billion resulting in more famine, violence, killing, and wars as people try to meet their basic human needs of food, water, and shelter.
3. Petroleum will essentially be gone as the known oil reserves are depleted, resulting in lower food production and higher costs.
4. Water shortages will become commonplace as glaciers in the Himalayas, Rockies, and Andes mountains disappear, resulting in little summer water for farms and cities. Lower rainfalls is resulting in water with higher mineral content reducing crop yields.

In the Great Depression, one-third still lived in relative comfort. In the Great Disaster of 2050, one-third will still be OK, but 6 billion people will not. That would be like everyone alive today living in daily fear of violence, starvation, and disease. It would be like the quality of life was reduced by 10 to 90% for every plant and animal on this planet. Australia is already experiencing severe flooding and mosquito diseases in the north; with severe droughts and wildfires in the south.

After 40 years of warning, Global Warming is starting to be addressed, but without dramatic changes, much of the harmful consequences will not be avoided. Cheap oil and coal will encourage faster depletion and will accelerate global warming. Population growth is the looming disaster which we can immediately address, yet without religious support, we will continue to ignore and even encourage the population bubble. The problem is that all four of these disasters are growing gradually and people don't see gradual changes. The problem is that people will get use to a gradual decrease in their quality of life, as humans are probably better at adapting to adverse conditions than they are at using their reason to prevent disasters.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Population Bubble

With the current global financial crisis, there has been much talk about the bubble, the housing bubble, and the stock market bubble. Unfortunately, we have another already huge and growing bubble that is being ignored... the global population bubble. Currently, there are 6.5 billion people, and that is projected to increase to 9 billion by 2050. Already, humans are causing widespread global devastation, which will only increase as the population increases. Genocide, famine, and wars will only increase as the population increases and resources become more scare.

I propose a fix to the population bubble: when a man or woman reaches adulthood, each would get a certificate for one child. This is a fair method for halting global population growth. If a family wanted to have more than two children, they would need to obtain (buy or receive) additional certificates. If individuals didn't have children, they could sell or give away their certificate. Unwanted pregnancies could be aborted or could be delivered for adoption to another person who had a certificate. Governments would safeguard the certificates.

The religious would oppose this solution saying, "It is God who must decide this." My reply is, "If it is God's will for families to have more than two children, then pray and He will get you another certificate." No octomoms or procreating like other animals.

If you agree that we are ignoring the population bubble and need to implement some kind of zero population growth, then please publish this solution at other sites. Just like Global Warming is a looming disaster, unregulated human population growth will likely lead to the worst disasters on this planet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Energy Cost of Bottled Water

Summary of the March 6, 2009 Science Magazine podcast:

200 billion liters of bottled water consumed worldwide in 2007
33 billion liters of bottled water consumed in the U.S. (1/6th of the world, yet our tap water is clean).
The 200 billion liters required 50 million barrels of oil to make, bottle, transport, cool, dispose, etc.
Essentially, when you drink bottled water, it might as well be 1/4 filled with oil.
Recycling of the empty bottles only helps reduce trash, as they are mainly used for other purposes like making carpets.

A Pur or Brita water filter on the faucet works well for removing chemicals and unpleasant taste. A reusable aluminum, stainless steel, or Nalgene water bottle works for carrying water. If you consume some bottled water, try reusing the bottle by refilling it with filtered tap water. Because the U.S. uses over 25% of the world's energy, we are the biggest wasters of energy, and we need to learn to save in EVERY way possible.

Friday, January 30, 2009

W stands for Woops

Woops, didn't prevent 9/11. Woops, didn't get Bin Ladin. Woops, didn't prevent 1000 Katrine deaths. Woops, no WMDs. Woops, 4000+ soldier deaths. Woops, 500,000+ iraqi deaths. Woops, financial meltdown. Woops, should NEVER have been president.

I am writing this because W said in his last interview, "I wasn't prepared for war." That's like saying, "Woops, I wasn't prepare to be president." W acted like being president was just another job, with weekends off. Cheney even allowed W to have elementary school duty, on 9/11, so there wouldn't be any mistakes on W's part that day (WTC7 = inside job).