Monday, May 25, 2009

Waterboard Cheney

Cheney has caused multiple disasters over the past eight years, and he continues to mislead the public with his speeches.

For simplicity, there are basically two types of waterboarding: minimal stress and maximum stress. Whenever Cheney or any other misleader says that waterboarding is not torture, they portrait it as the minimal type. If they say they are willing to prove it isn't torture by undergoing waterboarding, they are talking about the minimal stress type. Basically, they are correct.... minimal stress waterboarding is not torture.... just a highly stressful experience that few would like to repeat.

But maximum stress waterboarding is torture. Anyone who says it is NOT torture should undergo this scenario; they are to be waterboarded until they admit to actual crimes that they have committed. Another words, they waive their Fifth Amendment rights and undergo waterboarding until they admit to actual crimes that they are guilty of committing. Admitting to fake crimes will not make the waterboarding stop. 

The above should clarify why Cheney is, and has been, one disaster after another. If Cheney keeps denying that waterboarding is torture, he should undergo it until he admits to being a party to the 9/11 attacks. Most people seem to forget that Cheney put himself in charge that day, sending W on elementary school duty that morning. Let's waterboard Cheney, so we can find out about all of the crimes he has committed. We don't need a Truth Commission, just waterboard Cheney if he says that it is the right way to protect our nation.