Friday, November 14, 2008

The Price of Climate Change

A recent article in the LA Times titled, "Climate change may carry huge price tag for California" puts a monetary price on global warming: "About $2.5 trillion of real estate assets in California are at risk from extreme weather events, sea level rise and wildfires, with a projected annual price tag of between $300 million and $3.9 billion, according to a new report".
"Our report makes clear the most expensive thing we can do about climate change is nothing," Roland-Holst said. But he adds, "This is not a Doomsday report . . . . If we make the right investments, we can avert much of the damage in any scenario."

When reading the above, please keep in mind that is only the cost for California and that is an annual cost, meaning that it never goes away until global warming is reversed. Acting quickly could potentially reduce the cost ten-fold. Also remember that our quality of life (food, water, the environment) will be diminished as a result of continued global warming. Paying now to reduce global warming is less expensive than the price and consequences of not acting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Top Ten Reasons "Palin is Bush"

#10 What's the difference between Palin and Bush.... lipstick.

#9 Palin and Bush were both governors of big oil producing states with strong ties to the oil industry.

#8 Palin and Bush are just plain likable: the soccer mom and the boy scout sheriff. Sarah winks and W grins like a puppy dog.

#7 Palin and Bush are both extremely loyal, so they reward supporters by putting them in positions that they are unqualified for.

#6 Palin and Bush are good at reading speeches prepared by professional speech-writers. They are just actors reading other people's words, and the gullible buy it.

#5 Palin and Bush know so little that they show their ignorance when they say what they really think.

#4 Palin and Bush both have egos so big that they think that they can do anything and don't even realize that they are unqualified to be President of the United States.

#3 Palin and Bush are two decent humans who ascended to positions of leadership that were beyond their capabilities, so they ended up descending into bigger and bigger disasters.

#2 Palin and Bush are just puppets of the neo-cons. Their lack of intellect makes it easy for neo-cons to advise/manage/control them.

#1 The same people who like Palin also liked Bush enough to vote for him twice.

Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain and Palin desperately try to paint themselves as "Mavericks", but nothing could be farther from the truth. McCain has sold himself to the neo-cons in order to get the nomination. Palin is "Bush with lipstick" with a Cheney "Bulldog" do-it-my-way mentality. Since our Republican administration has been such a monumental disaster, hopefully this bumper sticker will help to avoid another four years of more disasters.

Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain/Palin Fairy tale

Hope everyone is aware that neo-cons are con-artists who excel at misleading.
I started to realize that this sudden announcement of Bristol Palin's 5 month pregnancy is a little too strange to buy. Over the past month, Sarah Palin and her family must have been thoroughly investigated, and a 5 month pregnancy had to have been known. Even I don't think the neo-cons and their links to the FBI would have missed that. Really, it seems more like a planned announcement, to help McCain/Palin get votes. Now that I realize that is the plan, it almost seems funny that it might work.

Somebody at one of the neo-con think tanks came up with this fairy-tale story and now the unfolding has begun. There will be plenty of people working on telling the tale. The basic outline has been created with McCain and the Palin family standing up for conservative ethics and morals. As the months roll by, everyone will be interested in the latest on the Palin family. People will grow to like Sarah Palin even more, and darn but even though they don't like McCain, they'll have to vote for McCain/Palin. The economy, oil prices, healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan, global warming all fade into the background.... what's the latest on that young couple is what everyone wants to talk about. Was it love that brought them together? Hey... do I hear "Made-for-TV" movie here?

This is so cheesy, yet this has got to be the basic plan. Too many $Billions/Trillions are at stake, for the greedy to give up. Since neo-cons operate using, "The Ends Justify the Means", what's wrong with another fairy-tale? With corporate media behind them, pundits will be focusing on the Sarah Palin story/controversy.

If this is what starts to be played out, and I highly suspect that it is, another election will be stolen using puppets. Sarah Palin was chosen because a winning strategy could be created around her and her family, not on her qualifications. When they win the election, they will claim a mandate for everything Sarah Palin stands for: unbridled oil exploration, no abortions, no gun control, no global warming, creationism, a wild west mentality... another words, neo-cons in control for another 4+ years. It might win them the election, but the crash and burn will be all the harder when it comes. Just remember that the greedy aren't worrying about that day/year/decade. It's profits now for the greedy that is what they are after.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

When We Ignore Reality, We ALL Become Ignorant

In this political season, where candidates are suppose to address key issues, I would like to propose asking every candidate these two questions:
1. Do you believe that the Earth revolve around the Sun? and
2. Do you believe in Darwin's theory of Evolution?

Most people probably don't realize that Galileo used his telescope to demonstrate heliocentrism back in 1608. It took the church 300 years to apologize and finally acknowledge that the Earth revolves around the Sun. That was 300 years of ignoring reality because it conflicted with biblical accounts.

Most people probably don't realize that Darwin proposed his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection back in 1858. Almost 150 years have passed, with 100% scientific support for it, zero scientific support against it, yet many people refuse to accept it. That represent almost 150 years of ignoring reality because it conflicts with biblical accounts.

Every politician or leader should be asked those two questions on their applications. If they don't answer YES to both of those two questions, the public should know. In the 21st Century, we cannot afford to have any ignorant leaders, like W, in positions of power and influence. As long as we don't ask these two questions of our leaders, we will continue to get misleaders instead.