Saturday, February 2, 2008

When We Ignore Reality, We ALL Become Ignorant

In this political season, where candidates are suppose to address key issues, I would like to propose asking every candidate these two questions:
1. Do you believe that the Earth revolve around the Sun? and
2. Do you believe in Darwin's theory of Evolution?

Most people probably don't realize that Galileo used his telescope to demonstrate heliocentrism back in 1608. It took the church 300 years to apologize and finally acknowledge that the Earth revolves around the Sun. That was 300 years of ignoring reality because it conflicted with biblical accounts.

Most people probably don't realize that Darwin proposed his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection back in 1858. Almost 150 years have passed, with 100% scientific support for it, zero scientific support against it, yet many people refuse to accept it. That represent almost 150 years of ignoring reality because it conflicts with biblical accounts.

Every politician or leader should be asked those two questions on their applications. If they don't answer YES to both of those two questions, the public should know. In the 21st Century, we cannot afford to have any ignorant leaders, like W, in positions of power and influence. As long as we don't ask these two questions of our leaders, we will continue to get misleaders instead.

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