Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain/Palin Fairy tale

Hope everyone is aware that neo-cons are con-artists who excel at misleading.
I started to realize that this sudden announcement of Bristol Palin's 5 month pregnancy is a little too strange to buy. Over the past month, Sarah Palin and her family must have been thoroughly investigated, and a 5 month pregnancy had to have been known. Even I don't think the neo-cons and their links to the FBI would have missed that. Really, it seems more like a planned announcement, to help McCain/Palin get votes. Now that I realize that is the plan, it almost seems funny that it might work.

Somebody at one of the neo-con think tanks came up with this fairy-tale story and now the unfolding has begun. There will be plenty of people working on telling the tale. The basic outline has been created with McCain and the Palin family standing up for conservative ethics and morals. As the months roll by, everyone will be interested in the latest on the Palin family. People will grow to like Sarah Palin even more, and darn but even though they don't like McCain, they'll have to vote for McCain/Palin. The economy, oil prices, healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan, global warming all fade into the background.... what's the latest on that young couple is what everyone wants to talk about. Was it love that brought them together? Hey... do I hear "Made-for-TV" movie here?

This is so cheesy, yet this has got to be the basic plan. Too many $Billions/Trillions are at stake, for the greedy to give up. Since neo-cons operate using, "The Ends Justify the Means", what's wrong with another fairy-tale? With corporate media behind them, pundits will be focusing on the Sarah Palin story/controversy.

If this is what starts to be played out, and I highly suspect that it is, another election will be stolen using puppets. Sarah Palin was chosen because a winning strategy could be created around her and her family, not on her qualifications. When they win the election, they will claim a mandate for everything Sarah Palin stands for: unbridled oil exploration, no abortions, no gun control, no global warming, creationism, a wild west mentality... another words, neo-cons in control for another 4+ years. It might win them the election, but the crash and burn will be all the harder when it comes. Just remember that the greedy aren't worrying about that day/year/decade. It's profits now for the greedy that is what they are after.

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